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Interski 2023 - USA Report

Outdoor on-snow workshop

NB: Please note that this is my final blog post about Interski 2023 which took place in Levi, Finland in March 2023 and it is perhaps fitting that it is being posted to my new blog here on the Derek Tate Coaching website. All of the previous Interski 2023 posts (eight) can be viewed on the Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy blog.

The title of the American outdoor on-snow workshop that I attended was, "Observing, Assessing, and Training People Skills"

Delivered by Joshua Fogg and Dustin Dyar

This was one of the workshops that I had really been looking forward to and Joshua and Dustin from team USA (PSIA-AASI) did not disappoint. The weather was challenging and the group was big (23) but they handled it brilliantly and showed great adaptability in their delivery. The workshop was all about how in the American system they observe, assess and train people skills. During the congress I reported briefly on this workshop on social media, and I noted how there was so much good information that I would need to unpack it a little more post congress so here goes.

One of their key messages was that they separate ‘personality’ from ‘behaviours and actions’ with the latter being skills that can be observed, assessed and crucially trained. This approach is so important because it ultimately marries beautifully with their teaching methodology and technical skills to develop instructors who are truly able to provide great guest experiences.

After a detailed introduction by Joshua about how people skills fits into their framework the workshop effectively had two parts. Part 1 was all about looking at behaviours that built negative outcomes. While part 2 focused on positive outcomes. Volunteers were sought from the participants to form an 'International Demo Team' that would be coached by Dustin and would have to perform a complex routine. It was made very clear, at the outset, that he would be acting to illustrate the kind of points they wanted to make. This was especially important for part 1 as he would be creating negative outcomes which would lead to negative feelings and emotions and the impact that they would have on the demo team members. One of the powerful take-aways from this workshop was that even when someone is acting (and the participants know it) the feelings and emotions that follow are still real!

The rest of us stayed with Joshua and observed the coach in action and the resulting impact on the demo team members. This allowed us to observe and discuss what was happening as the group dynamic developed and we could see the reaction of the individuals...

To read the rest of my report of the American on-snow workshop download the Congress ebook report for your favourite e-reader. This eBook report features 8 countries and includes top takeaways from the event. The report is FREE on my store, Google Play, and where it has been price matched to zero.

NB: Please note that if you download the ePub file from my store it will work with any e-Reader or App.

Interski 2023 Congress Report and Review

About the author

Derek Tate is an alpine skiing coach and director of British Alpine Ski School Chamonix. He is a mental skills coach, positive psychology practitioner and author. His recent books include, "Six Steps for Training the Mind", "Learn, Enjoy, Flow & Grow" and "Transformational Flow Coaching". You can learn more from his author page.

The Ski Instructor Podcast Episode 53 Derek Tate

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A massive thank you to everyone who has read my Interski 2023 blogs, downloaded the full ebook and listened to my podcast episode and who enjoyed my reporting from the congress itself with my early morning video walk and talks. It was so nice to receive the many comments of support and appreciation and I look forward to doing a similar role at Interski 2027.


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