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Derek Tate Coaching Teacher of online courses and workshops

As a teacher I offer a range of online self-paced courses based around positive psychology, and sport psychology which includes mindfulness, flow, and mental health & wellbeing. I have two FREE mini courses and three FULL courses at great prices. 


I also offer live online workshops and masterclasses which are great value for money and a brilliant opportunity to engage in powerful discussions that will help you learn better, get more enjoyment from whatever you do, unlock flow state more often, and to grow personally and professionally.   

Scroll down the page to view my free mini courses, full paid courses, and live workshops and masterclasses. Clicking on the course or workshop image will take you to further information including registration. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you, and inspiring and motivating you. 

In addition, as part of my teaching I have also spoken at numerous events and to a range of different audiences. Check out my speaker page for more on this. I am available for both podcasts and speaking engagements. Please contact me if interested. 

Free Mini Courses


Find your interests online course Derek Tate Coaching
Psychology in Snowsports online course Derek Tate Coaching
Full Paid Courses


An Introduction to Flow: The keys to a whole new world filled with learning, creativity, enjoyment and growth
Attention and FLOW online course
Mental Health Flourishing and wellbeing through sport and physical activity
Workshops and Masterclasses


Click on the images below for more info about the specific events, upcoming dates and to reserve your place. Or go to for a full listing.
Strengths and Flow online workshop
Develop Your Mental Skills for Work & Life a masterclass by Derek Tate
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