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Interski 2023 Congress Report & Review

Featuring selected countries and top takeaways from the event

Interski 2023 Congress Report and Review

This ebook has been written to provide an in depth report from my attendance at Interski 2023 in Levi, Finland. It features eight countries whose on-snow workshops and/or off snow lectures I attended. It also has a chapter on my top takeaways from the event. By creating this report as an ebook it provides an important record of what was an extremely positive and worthwhile event for the snowsports community and profession as a whole. This can be seen by the quotes below praising the event which attendees very kindly contributed.

PRAISE for Interski 2023

"The Interski Congress 2023 in Levi was inspiring in many ways, e.g. in terms of the diversity of aspects of skiing - far more than (just) technical aspects. My personal highlights were the keynote on gender equity in snowsports, brilliantly delivered by Ann Schorling and the very great response to our workshop EMBODIED SKIING. I am happy that there are many ski instructors and examiners who find a more mindful and body-centered approach useful and who are willing to change their personal attitude for this goal." -Andrea Spieth, Leadership Coach & Consultant and IVSI Examiner DTB

"First interski for me was mind blowing. I think for me it was the atmosphere that made it all, both human and nature wise it was just so perfect… What I can take home from this Interski is a mix of marvellous pictures, amazing new friends, but also new tools to make the Swiss teaching model even more interesting." -Laszlo Nef, Swiss Snow Demo Team 

"Levi was my 4th Interski and it’s interesting to see how things have evolved over the last twelve years, going from carrying the weight of the rivalry of European Snowsports industry politics to an event where collaboration amongst participating nations got stronger and stronger. It is amazing to witness all these countries willing to share their knowledge with an open mind and open heart. A mini UN at work, and I truly believe that teamwork is what will help us all ski pros move and drive our industry forward. A pretty intense and emotional week, running from on-snow sessions to indoor lectures and workshops, making new friends along the way and having the pleasure to catch up with ex colleagues and long lost friends from around the world. A very special mention to our wonderful Finnish hosts who have raised the bar pretty high regarding the planning, the organization and the logistics of such a big event. The theme of the congress “The guest experience is everything” holds true : Interski Levi 2023 was a blast and the memories and emotions l experienced during that week will stay with me for a long time."-Nathalie Ouedraogo, The Ski Yoda, Ski Instructor & Instructor Trainer

"Interski 2023 in Levi has been a great success as an event itself, and definitely very positive for ISIA as a pillar association of the congress. Big appraisal goes to the local host, that helped to define a higher standard for the organisation of Interski, introducing better use of ITs supporting the events flow and defining precise procedures for the whole Interski, helping to deploy everything better. On the side of ISIA, it is good to see that also Interski embraced topics that were somehow first introduced by our organisation: ISIA was indeed the first signatory, at least in this group, of the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, and now the environment topic has been one of the highlights in Levi, as well gender equality issue, that was already addressed by ISIA in 2022 at the ISIA World Forum. By the way, the IWF, that is a format for a platform aiming to improve and make more efficient the international events for the communication within the ski instructors’ community, is available to Interski as well. Last but not least, it’s worth to mention that the ISIA Board is proud of having taken back the whole Italian community in the Association: with AMSI re-joining, the Italian presence in ISIA is now stronger than ever, and about this I want to acknowledge, on one side, the hard work of everybody from the Board that was directly involved in the process, and on the other side the maturity and the will of cooperation that were shown by the Italian parts involved in the process. The wish is this example might be taken also into other countries that are showing internal cooperation issues or that are reluctant to see themselves represented in the international bodies. Following the successful experience, ISIA is ready and willing to give their experience and help to support in other similar situations." -Vittorio Caffi, President of the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA)

You can find further quotes from workshop presenters, team coaches and delegation leaders in the ebook itself. 


This report is a very useful resource for any snowsport instructor who wants to increase their knowledge about the latest thinking in our industry whether that be teaching tools and approaches, technique, learning, and psychology. 

This report/ebook is available on Amazon, as a FREE download from my store, and FREE from Google Play books

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