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It is important to know who you are trusting to work with you on developing your mental skills. This page includes more information about my qualifications in psychology, mental health, mindfulness and sport. 


  • More than 35 years experience working as a ski instructor and coach.

  • Educator and examiner of Snowsport instructors for IASI, BASI & Snowsport Scotland.

  • Personal mental skills coaching with national team athletes.

  • Speaker and author on learning, teaching and psychology topics related to sport and life.    


  • MSc Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP)

  • PG Diploma Sports Coaching

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher 

  • First Aider for Mental Health

  • BASI Alpine Level 4 Ski Teacher

  • IASI Alpine Level 4 Ski Teacher

  • Snowsport Scotland Tutor & Coach 

*see below for more details on the quals listed above.

  • Msc Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) - graduated with distinction in 2019 from Bucks New University, England.  

  • Equivalence of MAPP Master's Degree in France - 07/09/2021 - dossier no. 692440

  • Post Graduate Diploma Sports Coaching - graduated in 1993 from Moray House, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher - qualified in 2018 from the School of Positive Transformation under the guidance of Itai Ivtzan. 

  • First Aider for Mental Health - qualified in August 2021 with MHScot - FAA Level 2 (RQF) - cert no. NCA94568576

  • BASI Alpine Level 4 Ski Teacher - originally qualified with British Association of Snowsport Instructors in 1992

  • Equivalence of BASI Alpine L4 to BEES Premier degree ski alpin in France

  • IASI Alpine Level 4 Ski Teacher - Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors including Euro Security Mountain Safety 

  • Snowsport Scotland (SSS) performance coach and course tutor for instructor and leadership courses. 

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