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Derek Tate Coaching Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing for all

Thank you so much for supporting Derek Tate Coaching with your purchase and interest in the services that I supply. My purpose is to help others lead more flourishing lives with excellent mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. By purchasing a product and/or service you are not only helping yourself but others in our community. 

Impactful ways YOU can help moving forwards:

1) Join our dedicated private group on Facebook - The Flow Zone. Click on this link or scan the QR Code.

QR code for private facebook group The Flow Zone

2) Share my website, LinkTree and Social pages (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) with others. All the links are in the footer of each page on this website. 

3) And if you have purchased one of my books PLEASE leave an honest review on Amazon. This is one of the best ways to spread the word and get my books noticed more.

Thank you again for your support and if you are interested in becoming a coach or practitioner yourself be sure to visit 'Your Journey' for some guidance on how to do this. 

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