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Six Steps For Training The Mind

For optimal performance & flow in sport & life

Six Steps for Training The Mind by Derek N Tate

This book has two clear goals. Firstly, to increase understanding about sports psychology and positive psychology and how by utilising the best of BOTH of these sub fields of psychology all sports participants can perform at their best while looking after their mental health and increasing their overall wellbeing.


Secondly, it is a training programme that can be used by athletes of any level and from any sport.  It can also be used by coaches to ensure that the important psychological aspect of training is covered within any overall training programme.  However, such a syllabus does not replace the need for a sports psychologist, particularly at the elite level of sport, but rather encourages individual participants to take this area of training and development seriously and realise that there is much that they can do for themselves when it comes to training the mind, improving mental skills and maintaining mental fitness. 


  • How to develop a winning attitude

  • The importance of instructional and motivational self-talk 

  • To use controlled breathing as a foundation for meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation

  • A range imagery and mental rehearsal skills  

  • How to structure your pre-performance routines 

  • To use your mental skills to find flow and unlock your best performance  


“Derek, your book is excellent, very comprehensive, covers so many areas of mental, inner existence as it relates to performance and life in general. There is so much in there that it is tough to pick anything out, but I loved the anecdote about Daley Thompson’s T-shirts, which I thought were hilarious at the time but had completely forgotten about”!

Martin Bell, 4 x Winter Olympian and 7 top ten placings in World Cup Alpine Skiing

“Derek Tate’s considerable lived experience, honest reflections and extensive research has resulted in another practical book for anyone pursuing their own optimum performance or supporting others to achieve theirs. This will be well used in my house and my workplace”.

Kelly Bishop, MSc Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP)

"Congratulations on another excellent resource for coaches, instructors, athletes, and anyone really looking to perform at work, life, or sport".

Warren Jobbitt, Head Coach Warren Jobbitt Snowsports Academy

“Derek’s new book, Six Steps for training the mind, provides a comprehensive guidebook for performers seeking to develop a psychological skill set for optimal performance and flow. Derek’s book is a well-researched and practical guide that will be of benefit to anyone seeking to optimise their psychological skills for performance, and to open the possibility for flow experience in their activity”.

Dr. Sue Jackson, co-author of Flow in Sports and Brookfield Psychologist

"Derek Tate's new book is a must read for any practitioner whose work/life is committed to lifelong learning. The 'Six Steps for Training the Mind' are described in an easy-to-understand way and backed up by credible references. The reader will surely reach a new level of performance - and joy - in any sport as well as in their professional and personal life".

Péter Dalos, Head Instructor SMSZ Federation of Hungarian Ski Instructors/Advisor, Mobility Development Directorate, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport

"A brilliant and inspiring book, that has helped me not only develop better coaching practices in my work as as ski teacher but has helped me grow and develop in my own life and performance. Giving guidance and simple explanations of things like attitude, and techniques such as visualisation and mental rehearsal something I had always struggled with. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is trying to learn anything or anyone who teaches or coaches in any form".

Simon Walmsley, ski instructor

"I've found this book to be incredibly useful and inspiring in my practice and teaching as both a ski instructor and musician. The insight it provides has provoked a better understanding of the processes involved in progression and overall, more enjoyment and fun. I'd recommend it to anyone who practices or teaches anything for that matter"!

Danny Ward, ski instructor, musician, and curator at Well Cut Records

"I found this book to be incredibly motivating and useful in my role both as a part time ski instructor and my own development. Principally opening up the importance being aware and attuned better to psychological processes in performance attainment and development. I would highly recommend this book to anyone involved in any performance related activity either in a coaching or as a participant seeking to add to their practices approach".

Andrew Cochrane, ski instructor


At the end of each chapter (or step) there are several practical activities for readers to undertake and use regularly. There are a total of 20 activities and these will also be available to purchase as a stand alone PDF. 

This book is available as an eBook from Amazon Kindle, direct from my store, Google Play books, AND as a paperback from Amazon.

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